Registration for the Magic Mile 2 Roadrally is Open!

Posted on April 23rd, 2018

The Atlanta Region of the Sports Car Club of America invites you to the first RoadRally of the 2018 season, a 100+ mile tour of the countryside around Athens, Georgia. Using mostly paved (there is one short gravel section, less than 1.5 miles in length), through roads, competitors (two to a car) will be given route instructions to follow and at least 25 multiple choice questions to answer from along the route.

There will also be several Magic Mile checkpoints along the route. You’ll be given several points along the route with a given start time and speed to travel for the next 1-2 miles. Maintain that speed and if there’s a checkpoint, you’ll be timed. Arrive early or late, and you’ll pick up some penalty points. If there isn’t a checkpoint, motor on.


  • Each incorrect answer: 15 points
  • Each hundredth of a minute early or late at a checkpoint: 1 point
  • Maximum score at a checkpoint or a missed checkpoint: 50 points

Rallying is a precision sport and the lowest score wins. A RoadRally is not a race: competitors will never need to exceed the posted speed limit.

The official start and finish locations will be announced no later than Monday, May 7, but will be in Athens. Registration fee is $25 for SCCA members and $30 for non-members. A limited number of walk-up registrations will be available.

For questions or information on how to register, go here:

The General Instructions (which are the rules of the rally) will be posted on Monday, May 7, and emailed to all registered entrants on that day.


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