May RE Report

Posted on April 26th, 2018

If you’ve been keeping up with the Atlanta Region Facebook page, May is a busy month. Autocross Points 4 event arrives on May 6th at Atlanta Motor Speedway, followed by the Magic Mile 2 Road Rally May 12th beginning in Athens. The month wraps up with the Memorial Monster Time Trials event May 26th & 27th at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, SC.

I’ve been fortunate to have taken part in a few “first events” in SCCA. As someone just out of elementary school, I accompanied my brother and his friends to Road Atlanta in its inaugural season. When Carolina Motorsports Park opened, I was a flagger at its first event.  Same for the re-opening of Virginia International Raceway, the first event at Barber Motorsports Park and the first of a few years when SCCA raced at Nashville Superspeedway.

There is something unique about taking part in first events – you discover what you overlooked in planning and you learn to adapt. You create special bonds with the other participants. Most of all, no matter what goes right or wrong, first events are a lot of fun.

Have you registered for the Memorial Monster (click here if not)? It’s one of those rare “first event” opportunities!


Some of the Facebook groups I follow relive SCCA’s past – Friends of Turn 5 and Remembering the Original Road Atlanta, to name a few. The photos and stories bring back memories of my early membership in SCCA and as well as connecting with others who were there with me.

For those of us who are “of a certain age,” these memories may seem like yesterday. For our younger members, those days are as distant in the past as the Great Depression and World War II are for us.

That realization illustrates one of the longest and most confounding issues in our club – the “graying” of SCCA and our collective inability to remedy the situation.  “Inability” is probably the wrong word, perhaps “reluctance” is more accurate.

The desire to continue participating in activities that attracted us in our youth is common in the Baby Boom Generation. My generation of SCCA members is no different and we have not always been open to stepping aside and letting younger members take on leadership roles.

It’s time for that to change.

I believe it’s important for us to do more than just remind members that the nominations meeting is in October with a short simple “please run for office!” message. It’s important for us to promote the opportunities and mentor our younger members.

Here’s an idea I’d like to promote – for some time now, Atlanta Region has been missing one of the foundational elements of any club; a Membership Committee. It was once a fairly active part of Atlanta Region in the past and it can be again.

In addition to planning and implementing membership activities, I envision this committee as an opportunity for our younger members (teens, 20’s & 30’s) to develop the necessary skills to become the future region board members, the future program chairpersons, and the future Regional Executives. Not only that, but our younger members are far more qualified to promote Atlanta Region SCCA to their peers than any of us who have been there and done that.

If you’re one of our younger members with a desire to shape the future of Atlanta Region, send me an email and let’s get started.

Thanks to all of you, let me know what you think.

Bob Hudson, Regional Executive

















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