What is SOLO?

New to SOLO – What is Autocross?

What is Autocrossing?

It’s you and your car against the clock. Autocross (also called “gymkhana”, “SOLO” or “autoslalom”) is one of the safest forms of motorsports around. There is no car-to-car contact, there is no car-to-barrier contact. The basic idea of an autocross is: take a flat paved area; set out a course marked by traffic cones; and drive through it (while being timed) as quickly as you can, without knocking down any cones. Each cone you knock over is a 2 second penalty.

Sounds silly, right?

It does untill you try it… What a rush! What grand fun! The adrenaline rush after your first run is incredible. It’s a thrill – not an “Omigod – I almost died!!!” thrill, but an “Omigod – look what I just did!!!” thrill. And you know what? I still get that feeling, after a particularly good run. It never stops. There are some racers who have been doing this for over 35 years – and they still have a goofy grin on their faces when they cross the finish line.

Who can participate?

Anyone!!! If your car runs and the wheels are not about to fall off, you can enter. It does not matter how fast your car is. From Toyota Corollas to Ferrari F430s, SCCA SOLO has a class for your car. If you like, you can also register for the “OPEN” class which is just for people looking to get out and not necessarily compete against cars in a single class.

What do I need to enter?

A drivers license. You will need to sign-up ahead of time, though. Please visit the Atlanta Region schedule to learn when our next event is. We’ll post a link that will allow you to sign-up and pay ahead of time. We strongly encourage participants to become SCCA members. This will save you money on events and you’ll also get cool swag like a subscription to SportsCar magazine and all sorts of coupons and membership deals for SCCA sponsors.

Does my car have to be prepared?

No. It just has to be safe. (good brakes, working seat-belts, etc) Some competitors also offer their rides to other region members to compete. You can visit the forums to see if anyone has any seats open or for rent in their autocross cars.

What do I need to bring?

1) Sun protection. I cannot stress this enough!!!
2) Cooler with lots of drinks.
3) A sun umbrella would be nice.
4) Comfortable shoes and clothes.

What should I do the first time?

Go to someone that looks official and tell them you are a novice. In the Atlanta Region they will likely be wearing an yellow or orange shirt that says “Team SOLO“. They will be more than happy to help you and tell you everything you want to know.

What is the atmosphere?

Autocrossing isn’t just about driving. The comradery that occurs before, during and after competition runs is unparalleled in any other form of motorsports. There is no animosity, everyone helps, there is no trash talking…only cool people helping each other and sharing a passion. If you feel you’re missing part of the course or are unsure you’re doing things right on course, ask other drivers. Everyone is more than willing to help make this event as fun for you as it is for them. If you really want to learn some cool stuff, talk to someone running in the Atlanta Region Pro class. Not only are these guys fast, but they are always willing to impart useful information to novices and drivers looking to take their driving to the next level.

Do they always use the same track layout for SOLO? Are old course layouts reused?

NO!!! Occasionally we will re-use old layouts from Nationals for a local event (as, not everyone is a national competitor). Variety is what helps make SOLO a unique and challenging sport.

Where do we autocross?

Atlanta Motorspeedway (View Map)

How does car classing work?

The SCCA has a large list which places different cars in different classes depending upon their level of preparation. Start by looking below to see how prepared your car is prepared. Once you do this, download the SCCA car classification list. In time, you may decide to build a car for a specific class that you like. When you do this, please talk with other experienced members about your plans. They will be able to help guide you in your build process. You’ll also want to download and read the official SCCA SOLO Rules created by the SCCA National office.